Photo by Andrey Metelev on Unsplash


Games for Culture Cluster (GCC) aims to provide evidence and promote the impact that the Games can have in European society.

Emphasis is given on:
• The ethical aspects of the game creation and gameplay,
• the co-design practices to develop games that are beneficial for society,
• innovative technological solutions to improve games in terms of their efficiency for education, skillsets, responsible business models, social cohesion, creativity and more.



What it takes to be a member.

Member to the GCC cluster can be any project funded by the European Union, which includes game-based activities to benefit society.

How it works.

Partners of the project are assigned three GCC roles to represent their project to the cluster and to bring the cluster knowledge to the project consortium: Responsible person from the project for the cluster, Research/academic responsible, Dissemination/communication responsible. One person might have multiple roles, and one role can be assigned to more than one persons e.g. one main person and associate.

Would you like to be part of the European Games for Culture movement?